Monday, July 09, 2007


While visiting my parents, we took my kids to Gatorland. I don't know if any of you remember it, but Gatorland caught fire last year around Thanksgiving and lost their main building. The entrance does not look quite as attractive as it should, but it worked out ok. They have a new "water park" (more like a small water playground) that they've opened this year. So I had the kids wear swim suits to get wet with. As hot as it was, it made for a great break in the tour. If you hadn't guessed, Gatorland is primarily about..... GATORS! Alligators that is. It was mating season, so not only did we see the adults and many youngsters, we were able to see alligator nests as well. You do get to feed the gators (turkey dogs) if you so desire. It's interesting to watch the alligators respond to the dogs hitting near their heads. They also have an alligator feeding at various times so you can watch the alligators jump to get their food. You will, though see other animals there as well. There is a black bear in residence, some deer and lots of birds. It's nesting season for the birds as well, so we got to see many chicks and adults sitting on eggs. We had buy one get one free admission coupons. Worth the money with the coupon. A fun side-stop for an afternoon out.

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