Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Water Toy Reviews

My daughter's birthday is Wednesday. We had her party Saturday. Given that it's 90 degrees outside, we made it a water party. I investigated renting a water slide or slip and slide from a local inflatables company. After finding prices and having a hard time getting the one(s) we wanted reserved, I finally gave up and bought a couple of water toys for the kids.

Starting at the cheapest, the $1 store had great water guns and water balloons. Enough of those for each child and a paddle pool to hold the balloons and water worked well.

Then I got a different style of slip and slide. This one was a Banzai Cannonball Splash. It's a small ramp and pool. It has small sprayers on the side of the ramp to keep it wet. The kids run with a small inflatable body board and "surf" the ramp into the pool. The kids loved this. They did, though, manage to put a hole in the portion of the ramp in the splash pool so that it filled with water instead. Still works great. The kids really didn't notice a difference.

The second was my big investment. I got a Banzai Double Drop Falls water slide. It's not as big as one of those you'd rent, but it was certainly big enough for the kids at the party. It's also sturdy enough that we'll be able to use it off and on all summer. The kids had a total blast with this. They threw water balloons while sliding down, at other kids sliding down and they then went and shot their water guns at each other the same way. I worried about clean-up and it was actually easier than I'd expected. I hosed it down to get the dirt and debris off and then we let out most of the water as we could from the pool at the bottom. We left it inflated for an hour or so to let the heat of the day dry the rest. Before I rolled it up (next day, I was exhausted by end of day) I inflated it once more to make sure it was dry. Not a cheap investment, but by end of summer I'm sure we'll have gotten our money's worth out of it. Not sure where we'll store it at the end of summer, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

If you're curious, I got the slides at Target online. Gazoo.

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