Friday, June 08, 2007

Random Blather

For all that my kids have been in scout camp this week, I've been keeping myself busy with other things. It's amazing how time flies when you're busy. It makes me wonder what I really accomplished this week. I did walk 5 miles on Monday. Maintained a 16 minute pace and wasn't really trying for speed. Not too bad. Then I had an adult Choi class Monday night. I was pooped by the time I got home.

Tuesday I got my temporary crown replaced. Then I did some important shopping for me. I have few summer shorts, so I had to get some. Re-discovered that the Parisian at Northlake mall is closing (it's at 30-60% off). I want to take my family back Sunday to get the kids a couple of things and hubby some clothes.

Wednesday I got most of my downstairs clean in preparation for my daughter's birthday party Saturday. Then I took myself off to the movies and saw "Pirates..". I liked the movie (I love watching Jonny Depp and Orlando Bloom.) I have to admit, though, that I found it rather plot-lite. Lots of things they could have done with that flick that didn't happen. I was rather disappointed by the end. The eye candy and break from regular routine made it worth the ticket price, but the story was lacking.

Thursday I ended up taking a cat to the vet. He'd scratched his cornea. In the meantime I find out that my other pets are all past due for their shots. Yea. So I worked on getting a few other things around the house clean, then ran a few errands.

Today was last day to prep for the party. I took a couple of hours to clean my children's play room. It was a disaster. I had a friend's son work on cleaning the yard of pine cones and sweet gum balls. I really don't want kids to be stepping on those. I also go the water slide ready to go and a small paddle pool with lots of water balloons. (Can you tell it'll be a water party?)

My daughter had a blast at Girl Scout camp. The only thing that went wrong with her week (in her opinion) was that the fire truck didn't get to come by and hose down the camp. She did get to go on a creek walk, make lots of stuff (and friends), do music, have a water day, and a fair at the end. They were outside all day but there was shade and small tents to sit in to cool off.

My son enjoyed most of Cub Scout camp. It's a good thing my friend is willing to step in. It turns out that at Cub Scout Camp wasn't prepared with enough adults to lead stuff. Of course, they don't bother to contact the parents until just before camp is scheduled to start. They ask for volunteers, but don't state they require them for camp to run. I like to schedule camp to get things done that are easier to do without kids around. Anyway, she'd volunteered a couple of days to help out. She got there to find out that for my son's level (Bears) they had one adult for 24 boys. A couple of younger Boy Scouts were supposed to help. The Boy Scouts, though, kept getting pulled to help with other stuff. I don't know how the other groups did. She had a hard time getting the boys to cooperate and problems with the equipment being broken/dead by the time her group got the chance to use it. There was no replacement equipment. Her group couldn't do volleyball, badminton, flag football, and a couple of other things because the stuff was broken/dead by the time it was her turn to use it. That's not quite fair to the boys that are then left out of it. They were also outside all day. Only time they were allowed inside was to go to the bathroom. Not much in the way of shade either.

I think my daughter got the better deal. We'll have to see what my son decides he wants to do next year.

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