Friday, May 25, 2007

She got one!

I took my kids fishing again today. I caught a small bass (I think) right off with a spinner (and not long after managed to lose my spinner). About 30 minutes later my daughter caught her first fish! She was so proud. It was a small bream, not really big enough to eat yet (just bigger than my hand). She got mad, though, when I told her she had to let it go. If she couldn't keep it in my aquarium (I don't think a bream needs to live in my tank), she wanted to eat it. It needed another inch to really be a keeper, so I threw it back. She was very angry with me. :) I do have a picture of it (and her), though not where I can upload it. She wouldn't handle the fish after reeling it in. :) My son was very mad that he didn't catch anything. We were fishing, though, mid-afternoon (not the best of times). So I've told him we'll get up early one morning and go fishing out at Stone Mountain.
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