Monday, April 16, 2007

Special Thanks

My Cubs had a special visit from a representative of the Atlanta Audobon Society. She brought with her several activities and games about birds for the boys. The one that really got their attention, though, was the "owl pellets". No, I don't mean poo. When an owl eats an animal that has something it can't digest, these parts go into the gizzard. It then gets coughed out (like a cat with a hairball). These are owl pellets. The boys got to dissect the owl pellets and try to identify what it was that this owl had eaten.

Initially, they thought it was icky. They quickly got over it, though, and "dug in". They found shrew and rodent parts (skulls and all) as well as mole and bird parts. Really way cool. They got to keep the bones they found too.

Our bird lady is going to do a nature hike (hopefully) this summer with the whole pack. The boys will all have a blast.

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