Thursday, April 19, 2007

Oh my aching back..

I overdid it when I cleaned my kids' playroom during spring break. My back has been sore since. Apparently, though, I can't stop doing whatever it is (primarily leaning over) that annoys my back long enough for my back to stop hurting. So now I have a sore lower back most days.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I got out into my yard/garden and did some work. I sprayed ivy (anything I didn't know what it was, got sprayed). Last year we had an overwhelming crop of poison sumac. I don't need that again this year.

My mom gave me a big wrought iron piece from her yard, which is now in my island out front. It has two plant holders on it, so I planted some impatiens in it today. It'll make the "inside" of the island a little more colorful. I hope to plant some hostas and some other shade loving plants there later this month or next.

I played in my front garden too. I planted some pretty flowers as a border to some of my shrubs and monkey grass. I then assembled a small fountain for my front porch and brought out all the plants on the inside that I can carry. (I have a 7ft cactus, I'm not about to carry it anywhere.)

I still need more plants (particularly flowers) for my front porch which seems rather bare. But for the couple of hours work (and aching back result) not a bad start.

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