Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Night at the Museum

I took my kids to go see this Monday since it was a school holiday. Both of my kids really enjoyed it. It was silly, not scary, and fun to watch. I went with my friend who's only comment was "too much psychoanalysis". I can agree.. the Hun part was a bit much, but ok. The first thing my kids asked was "what was my favorite part".. my response was the T-Rex, of course! :) Too cute.

My son has been trying to analyze how the Jedediah and Octavius survived the "car crash". My only real response was "it's movie magic". I really didn't know how else to explain it.

Mickey Rooney, Dick Van Dyke, and Bill Cobbs made great "villains". I really liked Rami Malek's role as well.

Anyway, overall a real good movie to go see with the young ones. We give it a

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