Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm spoiled

When I went down to Disney, I had to visit the Living Seas. It's now called "The Seas - with Nemo and Friends". They've reopened what used to be the train that went through the tunnel under the big tank. It's a totally different ride now, featuring (of course) Nemo and friends. You sit in a clamshell and watch 3D characters (projected into the tank) try to find Nemo (not the original story, more of a hide&seek). It's cute.

Where I'm spoiled, though, is in the exhibit itself. It's neat getting to see the manatee that are there. As well as the dolphins. But I'm just not impressed any more. I'm very spoiled by getting to go the the Georgia Aquarium twice a month and hanging out with the multitudes of fish they have in such a huge exhibit. Don't get me wrong, I like what Disney has, it's good for those that don't have access to the Georgia Aquarium, the Chattanooga Aquarium, or any of the others out there. I'm just not impressed any more.

Fyi for anyone in the area, I'm scheduled to be at the Aquarium this Thursday morning in the Ocean Voyager area.

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