Saturday, December 09, 2006

Top 10 Toys

Landismom got this from someone else and I've decided to play along. Here are the top 10 toys from childhood..

10 - My skateboardWe had a great hill in front of the house. I'd take my skateboard to the top of the hill and off I'd go.

9 - My dog

Actually - my dad's dog. Relates to #10. We'd put her leash on, then have her pull us along while riding the skateboard.

8 - My bike

Related to the hill in #10. Along with this hill was a "ramp" on part of the sidewalk that if you hit it fast enough you could launch yourself pretty well going down the hill.

7 - Dungeons & Dragons

Gamer Geek. 'Nuff said.

6 - Magnifying Glass

A simple enough toy. Great for burning paper, ants, and sisters with the power of the sun.

5 - Homemade Swing Set

It was made out of two telephone poles and a huge railroad tie across the top. It had a rope swing on one side for playing Tarzan and a couple of regular swings that were great to see how high you can go and jump out without killing yourself.

4 - Electric Train

It was small, but we had a lot of fun playing with this one.

3 - Electronics Kit

I was a gamer geek, but I also loved playing with electronics stuff. My sister and I would take hours and put together radios, lights, and more with our electronics kit. It was a great toy that had pieces on cubes that you put together and connected with a metal clip. Kinda like this one.

2 - My neighbor's house. She had a porch that could only be reached from the outside (well, there was a door to it, completely blocked by stuff inside). It was approximately 10 feet from the ground. It made a great place to hide-out and play games. If I wasn't up here, I was in the chestnut tree in her yard as far up as I could go.

1 - Books, Books, Books. I'd read Gone With the Wind by 6th grade. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Tolkien, Poe, and Jack London were staples for my reading.

Anyone else care to play along?

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