Friday, December 01, 2006

Casino Royale

After getting royally miffed with my son yesterday, I decided that today would be a good day to take time out and do something for me. So, after I ran necessary errands I took myself off to the local Regal Cinema and saw the matinee showing of Casino Royale.

For those that know me, they know that I'm a major Bond fan. My favorite Bond is (of course) Sean Connery, followed by Pierce Brosnan. Roger Moore did a pretty good job, though. The new bond (Daniel Craig) did an outstanding job. I loved the action. I also really appreciated the athleticism of both Craig and the initial "bomb maker" at the beginning of the movie. Impressive stunts/jumps. Some nudity (not that I minded) and guys may want to be forewarned about the torture scene to cross their legs. :)

You know that Bond gets the girl (he always does), but somehow while he's with her you know it's not the end of the story. (This assumes you haven't read the books.) It picks back up action-wise not long after and he catches up to yet another lead in the case. It has an interesting end in that it doesn't really "end". But of course, you know that there's more Bond to be had..
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