Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Workity Work Work

OK, so I've been slack with my blog. I have a good excuse.. I've been WORKING! With my daughter now in kindergarten at the same school as my son, I'm more available to the elementary to work as a substitute. Which is what I've been doing a lot of this month. That combined with our normal activities, has kept me away from home and the blog world.

Yesterday was a day off from school, but I ended up spending time with the other men in my life (cub scouts). We went bowling. The kids had a blast and earned a belt loop while they were at it. I had 3 little girls along as well, two daisies and a brownie. ;) (Siblings to the Cubs) So it was a scout day out.

This week I'm working, getting ready for Halloween and for the pack outing this weekend. Whee! In the meantime, I'll try to fill in with random pictures taken with my new camera.

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letti said...

ooo very cute camera. I love it when they have large viewable LCD screens.