Monday, August 21, 2006

Medieval Times

We took my hubby to the new Medieval Times out at Discover Mills mall Saturday evening for his birthday. I wanted to do something different and silly. I knew he wouldn't agree to Chuck E. Cheese, so this seemed to be a great idea.

I'll admit it was a bit pricey (we did the Royalty tickets which put you ring side). But considering you're paying for both a show (which typically run between $20-100 depending on the show) plus dinner (anywhere from $10-50/person depending), all in all not too bad. Their bill of fare is on the web site, but includes garlic bread, soup, chicken, ribs, potato, pastry, and drink. All of the adults agreed that the soup was simple but good. My son liked it enough to finish it off. You get HALF of a chicken, which was cooked well enough to fall off the bones (not burned!). You only get a single rib. I gave mine to my son, my mother in law gave hers to my daughter. They both sucked the bones dry. The potato was good as was the bread. All in all, simple fare but pretty tasty.

The show itself, though, was the hit for all of us. My daughter loves horses and really enjoyed watching the Master of Horses show them off. My son loved the sword fighting and jousting. Both of them were impressed by the 'games' aspect. We adults enjoyed the show as well.

My only complaint is that they say you have to be there 1.5 hrs before the show. If you want choice seating, this is true. However, standing around their foyer area got a bit tedious after a while. There was a bar and the king came out and knighted those who wanted to be knighted (generally birthday folk). I saw ages 7 up to age 78 being knighted by the king. My hubby informed me if we tried doing that with him he'd night us.. ha!

All together a worth-while experience, though it'll be a while before we go back. Unfortunately, most of my pics came out blurred, but here's a few that are presentable.

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