Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ack. New Pediatrician

We switched off of Kaiser at the beginning of this year. It was no longer being offered by my husband's employer. Because of this, we've since found a new pediatrician and are now trying to adapt to his way of doing things. My daughter went in for her first physical today and we discovered (after the fact) that they make kids wee in a cup as well as prick their finger to check for iron. We went in thinking it was "routine" in the way of Kaiser - poke, prod, you're ok. They'd already said she was up to date on her shots and wouldn't need any until she's 11. So we go in today and are informed we should get the HepA vaccine. 'eh? I thought we were up on shots?

So I hold off on the shot until I get a chance to get home and figure out what's going on. Checked the CDC web site and it's definitely recommended. Arg. So now I get to try to have my daughter wee in a cup at home so we can take it back to the dr. office and then I get to have her get a shot (after we'd soothed her by telling her no shots, then having to get her finger pricked). You'd think pediatricians getting new patients might give us a heads up..

I like this pediatrician. He's the first one to try to tackle her asthma problem head on and managed to get it under control. Do other pediatricians do these too?

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