Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A WAHMs schedule

Or - how do I manage my time as a Work at home mom? No two days are exactly the same. During the school year, my kids are at school during the day, which gives me the time to work on housework, my business, or whatever else needs doing. This assumes I'm not volunteering at the Aquarium or working as a substitute teacher. During the summer, my kids and my schedule is very flexible. We all get up, eat breakfast, get dressed and do our basic chores. Then the kids will find something to do (outside usually) and I'll get time to do what I want (or need) to get done. Nothing is ever set, though, time wise. There are days that we'll go do something elsewhere and "work" will either be postponed (which is easy enough with a home party business) or delayed until evening when the kids are getting settled for the night.

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