Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Site Spinner V2

I've been playing with a new program to build web sites. It's called Site Spinner V2. It's pretty nice. Very easy to use, very simple. For new web site builders, I'd recommend it.

It doesn't really let you easily edit the html coding, but if you don't want to do that, then there's no problem. If you do, you have to create a new "object" and when the box comes up, select "open". You can then open your html file inside this object. It will then let you put the page as a window within your page or you can "stretch" the object out to be your page.

It's a lot like working with a graphics program. You create shapes (or objects), then drag and drop where you want them to go. You can "fill" them with words or actually create graphics. You can drag their corners to change their sizes.

The program itself will also publish your web page. You can change the file it's published as, you can ftp the files to your web site, or you can simply save them on your computer to upload later. I haven't tried doing any CSS with it yet, so I'm not sure about that aspect.

If you're interested in seeing what I did with it, my web site is here.

While redoing my site, I've added on a page just for stuff in Atlanta that you can do with kids ages 5-12 either free or cheap. I didn't list all the parks/playgrounds as those are relatively obvious.

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