Sunday, May 21, 2006

Restaurant Review : The Loop Pizza Grill

My husband has headed off on a trip with his parents and last night my daughter went to her first sleepover. So, my son and I went out on our own. We decided to try a new restaurant in the area called "The Loop". It reminded me a lot of Fuddruckers, though more "modern" in style. You walk in the door and find menus mounted on poles. You then head over to either the "To Go" counter or the regular ordering counter and place your order. They give you a buzzer which goes off when your food is ready. Very Fudds.

Their pizza though, my son and I both agree, is very good. They have thin or thick crust in multiple sizes. You can also get salads, burgers, chicken fingers, sandwiches, and more. They do serve alcohol (beer/wine) as well as your normal shakes, sodas, and such. I was told by another friend that their burgers were okay. She's had better, but the ones at The Loop will do.

It seemed a little pricey, but not too much so. They have 2 different levels of tables. Downstairs is regular inside eating. Upstairs is inside or there's a deck where you can watch what little flow of people there is. The Loop is located on Rockbridge at Five Forks-Trickum in the new Kroger shopping center in Lilburn.

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