Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Internet History

I was reflecting on the various things I've done on the internet since it was "just beginning". I still find an old system of mine listed on yahoo/google every once in a while (jasmine.oit.gatech.edu). It hasn't been around for over 10 years. I created my first web page before the web was such a big place to go (on the same system I find listed in yahoo). I joined email lists before there were many to join. I met my husband on an online chat program and married him 8 years later.

I was a small fry on the internet then, am a small fry now and expect I'll never be any bigger. But it's still feels kinda cool to know that I've been "connected" for so long. I don't bother to keep up with trends and have little time to learn a lot of the new stuff but I know just enough to keep me online and going and enjoy doing it while I'm there.

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