Monday, May 29, 2006

Monkey Bizness

There's a great new thing at my local mall (Northlake and Gwinnett Place) called Monkey Bizness. It's a small play place for kids with inflatables. The one at Northlake also had air hockey and a PS2 for kids to play with. You can drop your kids off for 30 minutes to an hour or you can stay with them and watch them play. I don't know the age limits for drop off, though. It would be a great way to go and get a spa treatment, hair cut, or shop for clothes for yourself. You can also reserve a room at the back for parties and have a birthday party there.

The main drawback I found (at least at the one in Northlake Mall) was that there is no bathroom in the facility. If your child has to go, the parent will be paged to take them to a restroom somewhere else in the mall. I haven't visited the Gwinnett Place version to know if that's an issue there as well or not. The nice thing is that they'll "hold" your time until you return so that you still get all the time you paid for. I'd suggest, though, that you make sure your child goes before you drop them off so you don't have that to worry about at all.

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