Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hm.. the insanity of it all..

My dad and I are actually considering participating in the 2007 Disney 1/2 marathon again next January. We work hard through the year (or are supposed to anyway), then in the freezing cold (well, maybe not, but it feels that way at 4am) you get up, head to the start, and then wait.. and wait.. and wait some more until they finally start the race.. then you wait again until the crowd ahead of you surges forward before you actually start walking. If you're lucky (or really good) you can maneuver your way to a point you can jog or run. Oi. The insanity.. then again, my husband is thinking of joining us this time.. it'll be my 4th run, my dad's 3rd and my husband's 1st. Who's craziest?
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