Monday, March 27, 2006

Summer Planning

I keep looking at all the stuff for the summer that I think my kids would enjoy doing. My daughter wants to try tennis and keep up with her gymnastics. My son says he'll join his sister and try tennis and wants to keep up with his Choi. Then there are all these cool classes that the county offers, like inline skating or ballet, that I think they'd like to do. Then I look at the days and times and decide that they don't work too well, or if they do ok then I look at the cost.. ack. That doesn't take in to consideration all the other "cool" stuff in Atlanta to do.. the children's museum, Noah's Ark, Tanglewood Farms, Dahlonega, and on and on.. Too much stuff, too little time, too little money.

I guess we'll just make do with planning things one day at a time. We're hoping to have my sister's kids up for a couple of weeks this summer too, so I've got to make sure I've got money to cover that too. (3 extra kids, whee!)

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