Thursday, March 02, 2006

Resource for Kids

I've enrolled my son in a trial period at a center called "SCORE!". It's an educational resource center that uses computers to help kids with their school work. It's a wholistic approach (not holistic) to their learning. They will concentrate on what your child needs work on, but also make sure that the other subjects don't fall behind. My son needs help with reading (namely his frustration levels) though he accels in math.

The center has him working on both of those (and actually have introduced him to division as he's doing so well) as well as spelling. He does 2 sessions of reading, 2 of math, and one of spelling. He loves the center (so far) and enjoys working on their system. For those of you in the Gwinnett area, it's somewhat like using SuccessMaker in the schools, but different. They work with kids as young as 4 (my daughter liked the system as well, but I'm holding off enrolling her for now).

I have a "free pass" for a day at the center in Lilburn (next to Kroger on Lawrenceville Hwy) if anyone is interested. Just drop me a note or leave a comment and I'll see about forwarding it on to you. Let them know I referred you, too.

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