Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Aquarium News and Notes

I was out there yesterday (if you were too, you may have seen me in the Arctic Quest gallery) and these are a few things I noted..

1- BOTH sea otters are on birth control. If one animal's control fails, the other is still "protected". They do this is because there are many pups in the wild that are injured and have to be rehabilitated. As such, most cannot be released back into the wild. Facilities that maintain this species are required to keep space available for the placement of these unreleaseable animals.

2- The entrance for the Artic Quest gallery is DOWNSTAIRS. Please note that the exit is UPSTAIRS. You will be asked (to assist traffic control) to enter ONLY downstairs. As many people as go through the aquarium, they're doing this to prevent large lumps of people from blocking pathways. (An annoyance when you can't get through and a safety hazard too.)

3- There are 8 sea lions.. 6 males, 2 females. 6 adults, 2 juveniles. There is a gate between the two viewing areas that can be raised to allow them to have the extended area to play/swim in. They do get fed at least twice a day, though no hours for specific feedings are given.

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