Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Did It!

I finished the 1/2 marathon. It took at least 10 minutes to get across the start line from my starting position. According to my watch, I finished in 3 hrs and 14 minutes. Just under a 15 minute mile pace. Except for the VERY cold wind and having to get to the staging area by 4a (what's with that anyway?) it was a great experience. They changed the route this year to take us up Main Street at the Magic Kingdom first, through Tomorrowland, back through the castle, then through Frontierland and back out to the streets. We got to go up the main street of EPCOT as well. I have pictures of me with Pluto, Stitch, and Mr. Incredible on the route though it'll be a bit before I can share those as I didn't finish using my disposable camera.

I was pleased with myself as well. I didn't train as well as I should have and was expecting to hurt more than I did at the end. I was sore, but well enough to go back out in the afternoon to the Magic Kingdom to goof off a bit later in the day.

There were those that did both the 1/2 marathon on Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday. They received a third medal from Goofy for his Goofy Challenge. (Definitely a goofy thing to do.) One gentleman I met said he'd talked to a gentleman who did the 1/2 Saturday morning, the Family 5K Saturday afternoon, then the full marathon on Sunday. Now there's someone who is VERY Goofy. Thats more than 40 miles all around.


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