Monday, January 02, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

The Aquarium was again flooded today. With the Sugar Bowl in town, I saw a lot of West Virginia fans wandering through. It's also a holiday, the kids are still out of school and the aquarium has extended hours. A zoo though a manageable one I guess. The whale sharks were making appearances with each other. The wobegong shark was "hiding" in the bottom right corner at the entrance to the tunnel.

For those that are interested, in the Ocean exhibit, the huge schools of bright yellow fish are Golden Trevally. They're juveniles and will lose the color as they get older. The giant grouper is NOT sick, they like to hang out at the bottom of the exhibit, usually in a corner somewhere. I've always found one in the lower right corner of the tunnel at the end. The schools of rays are cownose rays.

When there are divers in the exhibit, you'll notice that for each one cleaning the glass there's another one "watching their back". The second diver is a safety precaution against curious sharks. The stick they hold is just a piece of pvc that they use to redirect the shark to another direction.

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