Thursday, January 12, 2006

Angry Students

I taught my first 4th grade class today. For the most part they were a good group of kids. There was one boy, though, that worried me and I'm sure he worries his teachers every day. He's very quick to anger and if he gets angry will dig in his heels and may strike back. I saw a portion of it today. The first time was an argument over a pencil with a fellow student. He ended up in another room for a while doing his work. When he went to PE, he ended up hitting another student in the mouth. The school intervened and he was not in the class for a while.

I have to wonder, what makes this child that angry? What's so out of balance with him that he has to strike out? He's only in 4th grade and already this is a problem. I can only wonder what might be going on at home that may be a cause or at least a trigger.

I feel sorry for him, though. He seems like such a bright boy and very personable otherwise. I only hope he manages to work out what's wrong and head in the right direction.

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