Saturday, December 17, 2005

Quick Aquarium Notes

I thought I'd relate a couple of things for those of you going to the Aquarium.

1 - The touch pools are now taking breaks. (Well, the animals are.) To keep stress down, each hour (at a different time for each pool) all hands are out of the pools. They rotate which pool when so that there is not more than one pool closed at a time.

2 - The climbing structure is for 5-12 year old kids only. No adults and no kids under 5.

3 - The upstairs mezzanine can be used by the kids under 5 as well. There is a tube to climb through which looks down on the touch pools in the Georgia Explorer area, the lighthouse that you can make turn and light up, and the whale slide.

4 - The whale slide is a ONE AT A TIME only slide. No kids riding in adult laps.

This was the status of things when I was there last week. You can always check with the volunteers/employeeds in the area with questions.

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