Saturday, November 12, 2005

School Conferences

My kids had their conferences this week. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised on both of them. I've known my son was doing well in school. If he wasn't, they wouldn't have recommended him for the added enrichment program. Turns out he's WAY beyond the curve for his grade/class. He's supposed to get to level 16 before end of the school year for reading.. he's already at level 14. He was disappointed as well that he wasn't getting more homework from his teacher.. namely math homework. So she gave him one of the workbooks to bring home. His idea of fun lately has been to sit in front of cartoons and do math problems.

My daughter is "on target" for her age. Her school is following the "Creative Curriculum for preschool". She can write her name and all of the letters of the alphabet. If you spell a word for her, she can write it down. She recognises some words in books and if you help her sound out a word, she can figure it out pretty well. She's keeping up in the math area as well. For 4, she's doing exceptionally well I'd say.

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