Friday, November 04, 2005

New Experience

I subbed in my 3rd different special education class today. I think I've surprised the teachers by being willing to take some of these kids on. Personally, I think they're very sweet. Anyway, today's grouping was 5 kids. One with Downs Syndrome, one with Downs and Autism, one with an unidentified learning disorder, one with cerebral palsy, and the last with sickle cell anemia/cystic fibrosis/asthma/learning disorder.

Working with the child with CP, you could tell someone was home and he worked to communicate. He could nod most times at least. He does have a computer that gets hooked up at times so that he can answer questions in circle time. Very sweet boy with a great smile.

The little girl with sickle had a rough day. She's medically fragile and ended up going home sick.

The downs child and the unidentified had "normal" days and the boy with downs/autism is definitely what his teachers described as a "pistol". Full of energy. Very bright, though.

I'm learning more about these different disorders and I find it fascinating. I have to admit, though, that when I get home I tend to have a headache. The teachers that have them daily have my respect.

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