Sunday, November 06, 2005

Gwinnett Revitalization close to home

Our Gwinnett county police department came out in force on Friday to patrol our neighborhood. According to my mail lady at least 7 police cars were situated throughout the neighborhood with officers taking pictures. At the time she didn't have any idea what was going on. She did notice, though, that most of the houses in the neighborhood had notes taped to the doors. She asked me what was up. Only thing I could think of was this..

When I got home from substitute teaching Friday I found a notice had been taped to our door. The police department (in conjuction with Planning and Development - those lovely people who have no clue) had posted an "Official Notice of Violation". Apparently they didn't like how we were storing things at the end of the driveway. We have a storage shed, which is full of a riding mower and other stuff. We have a push mower which won't fit in the shed parked in front (usually with a tarp over it). My parents had also recently dropped off some outside stuff as they are moving soon and won't need it (moving to a condo). We have outdoor toys (we do have kids, after all) and yes, there was some leftover stuff from tearing up a walkway in the backyard and scattered pots. So, yea, the end of our driveway was a bit cluttered. Too cluttered for the police.

So I got to spend time Saturday morning attempting to rearrange our shed to put stuff in it and picking up as much yard stuff as I could. No biggie, we want to try to sell our house next year anyway. Our garbage man may or may not take some of this stuff. It will definitely be out on our curb Monday morning for the attempt, though. It'll be just my luck the garbage man will say "sorry, out of our jurisdiction".

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