Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gracie and Oz are "in the house"!

From the web site, Gracie and Oz are now in the Georgia Aquarium. They are Southern Sea Otters. According to the California Dept. of Fish and Game web site, there are only around 2500 of these otters left on the California coast. Sea Otters eat sea urchins, abalone, crabs, mussels and shellfish. They can dive up to 180 feet for their food, remaining down for 2 - 4 minutes. Given that they live in cold waters, they eat approx. 1/4 of their body weight every day. Think about it: if you had to eat 1/4 of your body weight, you'd be eating 25-50 lbs of food per day (based on 100-200 lb person).

Volunteer update - my background check finally went through, now for the drug test

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