Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good Content

I was reading through my own blog (novel thought) and noticed a distinct lack of any good content lately. For that I apologize. I can only say that I've been busy doing the substitute teacher thing and trying to keep kids healthy. Hubby is typically non-cooperative when it comes to going to the Dr., so I have no idea if he's sick or healthy. :P

My daughter has had a cough on and off since August. I took her to the Dr. about a month ago and was told she had a sinus infection. They put her on antibiotics which helped, but didn't cure it. I finally took her back today to get her rechecked. They've put her back on antibiotics. It's hard for her to be on those as she's allergic to amoxicillin and biaxin.

I keep asking her Dr. at normal visits about singulair and other ashtma related drugs. She's already on flovent daily and alubuterol nebulizer as necessary. Neither seem to do a whole lot. They suggest claritin as an add-on, but that does little to help. She also has huge tonsils. However, since she rarely/never has a throat infection, they won't remove them. (We're on Kaiser.)

(un)fortunately, Cingular (husband's job) is dropping Kaiser next year, so we get to change our medical stuff this month. Hopefully when we do, I'll get a bit more cooperation out of the doctors in getting the best treatment for my daughter's asthma.

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