Sunday, November 27, 2005

Black Friday

I took the time yesterday to make my kids clean their mess(es), so I didn't get around to posting my Black Friday post that actually had some content. :) To make up for it, I'm posting today. We're headed to my husband's grandmothers home today for their big family Thanksgiving. Lots of people, lots of food.

Anyway, I spent Friday at the Aquarium helping out in the morning. They've started rotating us around different galleries so that we're not "stuck" in one place all day. Definitely more interesting that way. I think we found, though, where everyone in Atlanta went who wasn't at the malls. They were busy checking out the Aquarium. It was PACKED! There were definite areas of congestion in certain areas of the galleries. The Georgia Gallery was packed with the kids. Everyone else seemed to be in the tunnel to view the whale sharks. (Not really, but those were definite areas where there were lots of people all at once.)

I have one request for anyone that's currently set on visiting. PATIENCE! The staff at the Aquarium are working out all the bugs as quickly as they can. As with all Grand Openings, nothing goes perfectly regardless of how much planning you do ahead of time.

I did take a couple of photos with my phone of one of the whale sharks and a squid, but they didn't come out very well. I'll share them anyway, but hopefully I'll get some better ones later. I'm back out at the Aquarium tomorrow, but after that it'll be Dec. 12th before I get out there again.

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