Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How sad

I took my kids to the library today. Our 'standard' is they get one book and one video (or two books). When we went to locate the kids' videos we couldn't find them. So we asked the librarian where they'd been moved to. Apparently our county will no longer host kids' videos or DVDs. The amount of theft was too much for them to maintain, so all branches have removed them. I don't know about other videos, I suspect they're gone too. So, what happened to those late fees and lost/replacement fines? Aren't you supposed to be able to TRACK who had the video last and then have them PAY to replace it (if it's lost). I thought that was what library cards were for? Ah well. It's a shame, really. I liked being able to look at kid's videos without having to buy them all. Apparently so did too many other people.
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