Thursday, October 06, 2005

Home Sick

My daughter is learning the hard lesson that if you miss school because you don't feel well, you don't get to have lots of fun. If you're sick, you stay quiet. Which, when you're really sick is all you want anyway. If you're borderlne, you're fine part of the time, but otherwise are bored. If you're not sick, you're just bored. By 1 she was ready to go to school. Instead she and I had quiet time (aka: nap) for 1.5 hrs. She fell asleep not 5 minutes into it.

I'm going to get her and my son their flu shots either tomorrow or Monday (no school, easy enough to go get them). With all the troubles she had during the last year, I think it's a good idea. Both of my kids fall into the at-risk zone because of asthma. My daughter's is worse than my son's. She'll be mad, though, 'cause it's a shot and she'll have to do it twice. None of us got shots last year with the shortage, so we all get to have boosters. Whee.

If you want more info about the flu shot, check here:

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