Friday, October 21, 2005


After this week, that's how I feel. I never got the chance to get back to "normal" before this week was off and running. Starting with having to take a cat to the vet. He's lost 2 pounds thanks to the fleas. He's now on antibiotics, has had a steroid shot, etc.

Then I subbed in a special ed class on Tuesday. I had the "day off" wednesday which was a "catch up on all else" day. Then back to sub in the elementary on Thursday/Friday. When you're getting ready to move, it disrupts your routine. For these kids, this can be espcially traumatic. One of the kids I was teaching yesterday/today is moving as of this weekend. He's had a tough week.

Unfortunately, this means that the other kids in the class feed off of that, so they've had a pretty bad week. Today was particularly bad. They could not behave in any particularly good manner. The "high light" of the day was music. They all managed to do well in that one area. That was their saving grace for their "tokens" for good behavior and getting the treat they love to receive. (When they have particularly bad behavior, they pull a token. If they manage by the end of the week to have at least one token left, they get to go in the 'treasure box'. Thus, being rewarded for good behavior.)

So, now my head aches as though I've been banging it against a wall all day, even though the day itself wasn't overly hard. Just very trying. I will admit, though, that working with these kids makes me have more patience for my own kids. The students are sweethearts and great to work with, for that I thank their parents for the opportunity to work with them.

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