Saturday, October 01, 2005

Aquarium trivia - Sawfish

Today's trivia is about the sawfish at the aquarium - sawfish can be confused with the saw shark. These are actually different animals. You can differentiate the two by looking at the gills. The sawfish has 5 pair of gill slits on the ventral side, while saw sharks have gill slits on their sides. Also, a saw shark will have alternating sizes of teeth on their rostrum (snout looking thing) and barbels. A sawfish will have generally uniform teeth size and no barbels.

The smalltooth sawfish is generally considered harmless to humans, though they can cause injury and tend to damage fishing nets trying to get to the fish. The smalltooth sawfish is found in tropical Atlantic waters while other species inhabit the Indo-Pacific region. They live in shallow water and estuaries and have been found in freshwater rivers and lakes. They are fully protected by law in the US.

Image from 11alive news
Thanks to Sea World Animal Bytes for the info

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