Sunday, October 30, 2005

Aquarium Training

I start my last round of training today (I'll have 4 more classes after this one). I get to actually go TO the aquarium for my class. I don't think we'll get to see the exhibits, just the classrooms, but still. It'll be neat getting to go in today. So, here are a couple of 'didyaknow?'s

Did you know..

Jellyfish aren't fish, so they're called Jellies. They are only five percent solid matter and form, and the remaining 95 percent is all water!
Starfish aren't fish, they're Sea Stars.They have no front or back: they can move in any direction without turning. Rather than using muscles to move their hundreds of tiny legs, starfish use a complex hydraulic system to move around or cling to rocks.

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DD said...

Ashley! I just love your blog template!!! Who did this work for you? Beautiful! I'd love this for mine but I'm paranoid about Disney and their lawyers! LOL Darla