Friday, October 28, 2005

5th Graders

I subbed in a 5th grade class for the first time Wednesday. I must say, I'm very glad there was a student intern in the room with me. The class was made primarily of Hispanic students who spoke little/no english. One child was Hindi. To say the least, communicating with them was an experience. The student intern is working toward her teaching degree, so she's in the class (for now) for 3 days a week. She ended up doing all the teaching (there wasn't much, half the class was in ESOL for most of the day) while I helped as a teacher's assistant (parapro, whatever).

The teacher that's normally in charge definitely does things differently. It must work for her, though. She's apparently very lenient with any 'rules' in class. If it hadn't been for the intern I would have been the "sub from **ll" as I would not have allowed most of what they were doing to happen. Hope the students can appreciate that. ;)

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