Saturday, September 24, 2005


OK, question for you parents about protocol. If your child invites my child to sleep-over, would you not follow through? My son was invited over a week ago to a friend's house. I suggested we hold off until this weekend as both of my kid were having problems with their asthma. The mom agreed. I haven't heard anything from that mom since.

My kids called the other child yesterday and told her that for them to be able to come over, I needed to talk to her mom. (They just moved from our neighborhood, I don't know where the new house is.) I wanted to find out where they live (instead of having them pick him up), arrange drop off, pick up, etc. I'm sure that the other child got the picture, it was reinforced by my son. My kids said that the other child told them her mom would call today.


So, protocol wise.. would you call the mom, or would you wait for her to call you to follow through? They did the inviting, so personally I think they should follow through.

Just a note: I did talk to the mom in question, my kids called her for me. ;) We've arranged the sleepover for next friday night with her daughter coming over to play tomorrow.

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