Wednesday, September 14, 2005

How to fix your cable..

If you're having reception problems with cable, here's how you fix it..

1 - notice that you don't have certain stations on your digital cable box
2 - realize that you're not watching that tv very often anyway, so it's not a big deal.
3 - get annoyed when you forget about it and want to watch that tv after kids have gone to bed.
4 - decide you need to call the cable company and ask about it.
5 - file a ticket online with the cable company because you blog too much to call
6 - have the cable company tell you you need to call
7 - forget about it again for a while
8 - get annoyed enough to decide to call tomorrow
9 - as you're calling the cable company about it, make sure you're in front of the tv and turn it all on.
10 - as you sit on hold, you try the channels that didn't work and discover now they do.

TA DA! Fixed cable.

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