Saturday, September 17, 2005

frustration abounds

Why should I bother to do anything when no one else bothers? Grr.

My son wanted to go bowling today. I thought that was a neat idea. They just needed to pick up the few toys they'd left out in the den so we could go. As of now, they haven't cleaned, my daughter got out pens and marked on her dress, my pillow and her brother. I also found a stamp on the wall of my kitchen.

Hubby started to work on the bathroom that has been waiting on him to finish for 3+ months, but he gave out after 30 minutes and hasn't gone back.

I started to do laundry and dishes, but decided hey, if no one else is doing anything, why should I? I did finish Suzanne's book, though, so I guess I did sort of accomplish something.

Update: by the end of the day my daughter had marked on my coffee table, herself, and my son's homework. Her markers got thrown away.

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