Thursday, September 15, 2005

Cardio class

It's on nights like tonight that I remember why I go to workouts (other than that I need it). It was a frustrating afternoon for myself and my kids. My kids are asthmatic and the code orange air in Atlanta lately has NOT helped them. My daughter has been up many nights coughing and is very congested. She's being nebulized on a regular basis, my son has to make sure he takes his flovent. Anyway, she's feeling run down, he's feeling kinda edgy. So she starts whining/crying about anything that doesn't go right (whether she tried to do it, I tried to to it, she was told 'no', didn't matter). My son decides he needs to push her buttons just to make her mad (what it does is make her cry and mom annoyed). After a few hours of this, hubby comes home to keep kids while I go to my cardio class (taught by one of my son's Choi instructors). I'm exhausted at the start and at the end, but I go from a frustrated tired to a physically tired. I'd rather be physically tired than drained emotionally. I guess it's all that oxygen that goes to my brain..
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