Monday, September 19, 2005

But MOM!

I decided today was a good day to go walk around Stone Mountain park. It's approximately 5 miles following the main road around the mountain. I started at my parents home, which is maybe 1/4 mile outside of the park. I actually managed to do the loop in 1hr 15minutes.. 5 15minute miles, yea me!

Anyway, I got to my mom's house without telling her I was coming. I let myself in and then wandered through to see if she was asleep.. where do I find her? Out on her back porch trying to sneak a smoke. She (in theory) quit smoking years ago with my dad (his company went to a no-smoking policy).. however every once in a while she'll "sneak" one. She was like a kid caught with her hand in a candy jar and tried to "hide" the cigarette so I wouldn't see it. *sigh* She told me when I got back that she'd thrown the cigarette away 'cause she was embarrassed that I'd caught her. Hmm. (She never lit it, so no worries there.)

First my kids, now my mom.. what next?

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