Monday, August 22, 2005

Pilling a Cat

can be quite a painful experience. One of my cats is on antibiotics for a sinus infection (ew), but he HATES taking his meds. If it weren't for my pet piller, I wouldn't succeed at all. As it is, you have to restrain him to get the piller in his mouth and then pray it goes in anyway.

Here's how it works if it's just me. I find the biggest towel or a heavy lap blanket and wrap everything possible into it, leaving just the head out. I then SIT on my cat to hold him down so that I can then use the other hand to hold his head still. I then have to shove the piller in his mouth and press the plunger in to get the pill far enough down his throat that he HAS to swallow.

Not a happy cat.

The other night hubby was in charge of restraining cat. Hubby didn't manage to restrain cat that well. I ended up with a puncture wound on my arm and another between two knuckles. My finger has NOT been happy with me since. Hubby apparently took some damage in his leg as well. Maybe I ought to stick with the blanket.

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