Thursday, August 18, 2005

My kids are amazing

sometimes they do/say something that makes you go 'hm...' My son was watching TV and saw the ad for the Kraft mac&cheese contest to get your face on a box of mac&cheese. He wants to enter (he's too young by 6 months). The contest gives you three ways to enter.. write an essay, draw a picture, or do a video. My son wants to borrow my video camera and enter that way. Scary thought for me is, I think he can make a good entry that way.

My daughter did well at pre-k today. I was taking a hornet's nest (intact, with limb attached) to my son's 1st grade class. My daughter asked if she could show it to her teacher and share it with her class. So, it was redirected to pre-k and my daughter was very happy to talk about what she knows about the nest. No crying today, she was too distracted by this thing.

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