Sunday, August 07, 2005

I'm home!

Here's the tally of stuff..

Madame Alexander doll (Rosalina)-$2
Doll Clothes for doll -$5
Minnie Mouse driving car slippers-$2
N-Gauge train set - 50 cents
dress for daughter - $1
velour outfit for daughter - $3
cool shirt - $3
lava lamp for son - $4
hornet's nest for son to take to school - $4
large water gun for kids - $1
candy - $1
fudge - $1
buffalo burger - $3 (VERY GOOD!)
Red Flyer tricycle for daughter's dolls - $5
Pokedex for son - $5
Spongebob sheet set w/blanket for son - $15
Electronic experiment set for son - $1
Castagna Native American box for me - 50 cents
Walt Disney Productions Minnie Mouse (with tail!) for me - $10

There's probably more that I can't think of right now, but that's about it. I had more luck at the individual yard sales than what my mom and I termed "tent cities". The tent cities were groupings of vendors in one area (15+ vendors generally) most of which were professional sellers. I preferred those that were disposing of stuff from their house. ;) Found Minnie at 'barn sale' that was off of the main route. Found the train set at a woman's home behind one of the tent cities (she wasn't part of the city itself). Same for majority of the rest of it.

My mom found lots of cobalt blue storage jars for her new kitchen. She's going to get all of what she found out and put a good "set" together, then resell the rest. Cobalt blue was hard to find unless it was a noxema, milk of magnesia, or similiar jar.

One fellow was having a grand time finding pre-1900's maps. If you wanted it and were willing to hunt, you could find it. We only made it up to Crossville Saturday. It took us 45 minutes to go 1mile (the area in front of one of the tent cities) at which point we gave up.

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