Friday, July 08, 2005

Plug for a TV Show

A friend of mine is involved in the creation of this program, so I'm giving it a plug for him.

It's a new reality TV show on CBS called "Rock Star: INXS" that my colleagues at MSN and I have worked really (really) hard on for months. Mark Burnett, the creator of TV hits Survivor and The Apprentice, is producing it. MSN is producing the official website for the show. See the press release below for more details on the site and the TV series.

Here's a quick description of the show and why I'm so excited MSN is working on it. The show bears some similarity to American Idol, but it's a lot better in many ways.

Like American Idol, Rock Star: INXS is about a group of talented singers competing on national TV for a prize. Better than American Idol, the winner of Rock Star: INXS gets to instantly become the lead singer of an established rock band (the 80s/90s supergroup, INXS).

Like American Idol, every week the singers compete by having a singing competition in front of a live national TV audience. Better than American Idol, and for the first time on this kind of reality TV show, Rock Star: INXS will let you buy the contestant performances so you can listen to your favorite moments over and over. Visit the official Rock Star: INXS website on MSN and you can download and own these performances. I'm happy to say you'll buy these tracks exclusively from MSN Music.

Like American Idol, every week America will get to vote for their favorite contesants. Better than American Idol, and for the first time on this kind of reality TV show, America will vote for Rock Star: INXS performers on the Internet instead of the telephone (you'll vote exclusively on the official website on MSN!). While you're on the official website on MSN, you can watch video clips of all the contestant performances to help you decide who to vote for (you'll watch these clips exclusively on MSN Video, of course!).

Like American Idol, you'll grow to love your favorite performers on Rock Star: INXS week by week as the TV series progresses. Better than American Idol, you'll be able to read online journals called "blogs" written each week by each performer which bring you inside the show and their personal experience. (The blogs are exclusively on MSN's new blogging tools, MSN Spaces, of course!)

There is much more to tell you and gush about, but I will close here by reminding you that Rock Star: INXS will be on CBS three nights a week -- every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night -- starting this Monday July 11. The official website of the show is Please watch and if you like it, please tell your friends about it. It's an amazing show -- now we just need to spread the word.

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