Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Blog Discoveries

Well, they're new to me. I've been having fun following random links through other blogs and finding new blogs to read. I've blogrolled them, but this way I can mention the new ones directly.. I've had Shadow Diving on my blog for a while, through him I've found Adventures in the Deep. I love SCUBA blogs. I'm a certified NAUI/PADI diver, though I don't get to dive very often. As such I live vicariously through other divers. ;)

Now, I love books. My house is overflowing with books. So it's cool that I found a couple of author blogs to peruse. Jill Shalvis visited me first, she's a published romance novelist and the summaries of her books sound awesome. I'll have to check them out. Suzanne McMinn I found indirectly by surfing for contests to win stuff. :) She's a romance novelist too and maintains a cool blog.

Something other moms would enjoy is Flying Piggies. I found her through Genuine. She's just coming back from a hiatus from blogging and already she's got some great posts.

Anyway, check them out! I think they're cool reads.

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