Friday, July 22, 2005

My son is color blind

Well, not completely. He's been complaining that he couldn't "see" the words in a book well enough to read them and he's been squinting hard lately, so I took him to the eye doctor to have him checked out. On the color test he took, he could see the first number (blue/green numbers) and of the rest (green/pink numbers) he only got one. So apparently light pink and light green are going to be very similar for him to see.

He actually failed the test last year when he took it too. He was having migraine headaches and we were trying to find out what was causing them. This wasn't the cause, but it was found at that point. The doctor didn't talk to me about it then, though, so I didn't think anything about it.

Of course, it is apparently something that he inherited from me. Great. Mommy's fault. ;) We'll have to see how much it affects him in school. I'll have to give his 1st grade teacher a heads up on it.

As to his vision, he's able to see just fine. We'll have to go backwards in our levels to find out what's up. We checked out a Dr. Seuss book today (I can read with my eyes closed) from the library and he read the first 3 pages without any real problems. Makes ya go "hmmm.."

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