Sunday, July 17, 2005

I'm home!

And I just couldn't resist posting after only being home for a couple of hours. How geekish of me. Anyway, Dennis sent his rain to TN which meant we got rained out a bit. Only real sunny days we had were Sunday and Friday. With the rain shutting down Fairfield Glade for the most part, we had to find other things to do. Odd thing about the resort we were at? If it rained (no thunder/lightning), they closed the pool and lake beaches. Blarg. They did have arts&crafts (which we did) and a rec center (visited). We also did the Crossville version of Chuck E. Cheese (Chuckles). We bowled once as well. Didn't quite get to the movies, though my son and mother-in-law did play a good bit of Monopoly - Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition. So what'd we do? Very little.

We did at least get to the pool Sunday & Friday. My daughter got to ride the pony on Friday as well. We got to one of the beaches Tuesday for about an hour before it rained again.

The "highlight" for my kids was when we went toward Knoxville and stayed at a hotel. They got to swim until bed time at the hotel pool. They thought that was way cool. Just as much fun as going to the Knoxville Zoo today and getting soaked while at the Kids' area. They thought that was a blast too. We're members at Zoo Atlanta, so we got to get into the Knoxville Zoo for free. That was cool for me. ;)

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